For your convenience, student blogs are organized alphabetically according to content area speciality. If your blog is not linked below, make sure you have submitted your address [click here to submit]Please make sure that your own blog permission settings are set so that "Everybody" can view your blog. Beginning with the first interactivity assignment, you should comment on at least 3 blogspots per week within your content area group. [view posting criteria] Be mindful of updating your identify profile so that we can discern your real name and professional interests.

English Education

Abeer Hasan
Danielle Knoeppel

Vincent Limbo

Ann Marie Manso

John O'Reily
Damian Luboch (added late  3/25)

English Education II

Morgan Megill
Cathleen Nascher

Alexandra Ortea

Jessica Rodriguez

Chris Rodriguez

Fine Arts/History/Language

Katherine Horvath
Mackisha Mack

Sharmina Jaili

Paige Lattimore

Maryann Russo
Carly Marketta

Mathematics and Science Education

Craig Waitt
Katie Henkel

Jonathan Roche

Adam Starr


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